Watanoc – A great source of N5/N4 reading material!

So the other day I was browsing reddit, and came across a link to a really awesome site that I had never seen before. It’s a fantastic source or articles written in easy Japanese, primarily at the N5 and N4 level. Watanoc (和 – Japanese, たのしい – fun) features 300+ articles that are fairly well written and at least mildly interesting. Some of them are short dialogs between characters, some introduce you to restaurants, shops, or limited edition items found in Japan, and others talk about things from the news. Each article has a sort of built-in functionality similar to rikai-chan, allowing you to just click on a word to see the reading and definition. This feature works on mobile as well! Some of the articles also have audio which is spoken clearly and slowly. And they also have LOTS of pictures to keep things interesting.

There is a real shortage of accessible reading content for beginners of Japanese. People often point to the NHK News Easy, but that is around an N3 level, and the articles will put you to sleep! The articles on Watanoc are sometimes as simple as just a few sentences, and even the longer ones would rarely take you more than a few minutes to read. The articles are also tagged by difficulty level, so you can easily read just the N5 articles or just the N4 articles if you wanted to.

I highly recommend checking this one out! – Watanoc.com

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