Netflix subtitle updates

I’ve got some additional cool news regarding Netflix subtitles!

First, I have ripped and performed OCR for a lot of additional subtitles, more than doubling the amount of subtitles available in the previous package. A link to download the subtitles is available in my original post that is located here.

Second, I have made some updates to the software used to perform the OCR. It is now SIGNIFICANTLY easier to use! Windows users can simply download and run the application, rather than having to mess around with installing python and various python packages, and fiddling around with a command line.

Some changes I have made include:

  • added graphical user interface
  • fixed issues with unicode file/folder names
  • it should output correct SRT files now
  • multiple languages are supported for OCR

A link to download the updated application is also in my original post regarding netflix subtitles.

One thought to “Netflix subtitle updates”

  1. Last weekend was my first time using Subs2SRS , it was mind blowing !!! Yesterday was the first day using MorphMan with those Subs2SRS decks I created, a revelation in my japanese study methodology….
    And today this !!! 🙂
    It’s Christmas time for those learning japanese nowdays!!!
    Thanks a lot for this incredible work you are doing!!

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