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Wouldn’t it be great if Netflix offered lots of awesome Japanese content? Well actually, they do! They just like to keep it hidden away. Almost every Netflix Original is dubbed into Japanese, and contains Japanese subtitles as well. But in order to access it, you may first need to change Netflix’s language setting to Japanese.

If you are just browsing Netflix in English, you probably wont find Japanese audio options anywhere. I recently started seeing Japanese subtitle options start appearing, but until recently, those were hidden away too.


So to change this, all you need to do is go into Account Settings, then look for the Language option, and then you can select 日本語. That’s all there is to it! Now, Netflix’s entire interface will be changed to Japanese. And, when you check the available audio and subtitle options…


And now you can watch all your favorites in Japanese!


Furthermore, you can use the following link to specifically seek out shows that have either Japanese subtitles or Japanese audio:

If the link takes you to a login page, you will need to login and then click the link again.

7 thoughts to “Netflix in Japanese”

  1. Actually I think that the list of available subtitles in Netflix has mostly to do with the ip rather than the app language.
    I am a native Greek who lives in Japan and my Netflix is in Greek. When I was in Greece in Christmas I could find Greek subtitles for most of the shows and no Japanese. Now that I am back in Tokyo, I can see some shows with Greek subtitle option and mostly all of them with Japanese subtitles and dubbing despite that my app language is still Greek.

    1. I am in Romania, my account is in English, and since the end of January I’m watching Japanese shows and anime with audio in Japanese without doing anything weird, just searching “Japanese” inside Netflix. Recently I had finished the one’s with limited contract and finally switched to Netflix Originals which will last for me until the end of the year. Next year I plan to change the account language to Japanese and watch American movies with Japanese dubbing (like “Batman” :)))

  2. I wish Netflix had more japanese content overall though. I’ve been watching Tokyo Midnight Diner, it was great, but it was finished in no time. Then I watched Good Morning Call, the cheesiest show around. I’m currently watching Terrace House, which is surprisingly fun to watch and gives a lot of insight on Japanese customs in a way. The commentators are really funny, and I’m picking up lots of words through the series. Also started Hibana yesterday, it seems interesting. There was also Atelier last year, which was nice. I’m not really into the manga thing, but I guess I will have to start watching that because content is quickly running out. I read somewhere Netflix signed a deal with NHK for the release of a new series sometime in January, a historical post-war drama, I’m looking forward to it. Anything you would recommend?

    1. Well it sounds like you watched most of what they have already, aside from anime. They have a good number of older anime titles that are highly praised. Among the Netflix original anime, the only one I have watched is Ajin, and I found it to be pretty interesting and worth watching. I’m expecting a 2nd season to come later though, as it didn’t really have an ending.

      Their Japanese dubs of Netflix Originals are actually pretty decent for the most part. If you are hungry for something to watch, I would recommend trying some of those if you haven’t already.

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