Little Charo Episode 25

This article is part of a series on the game Little Charo for Nintendo DS. For more information please see this introductory post.

Episode Overview

Suddenly, Charo get’s another vision from Andorra while he is sleeping, and she tells Charo some amazing news! Tomoko also receives some news regarding her script. Could it be that both of their dreams will soon be coming true?

Frequently Used Vocabulary

These are words which will appear a few times throughout this episode.

車線    しゃせん    (n) traffic lane; road lane
渡る    わたる    (v5r,vi) to cross over; to go across; (P)
動き    うごき    (n) movement; move; (P)
急ぐ    いそぐ    (v5g,vi,vt) to hurry; to rush; (P)
渋滞    じゅうたい    (n,vs) congestion (e.g. traffic); (P)
垣根    かきね    (n) hedge; fence; (P)
金網    かなあみ    (n) wire netting; wire mesh; wire screen; chain-link mesh
交差点    こうさてん    (n) crossing; intersection; (P)
観察    かんさつ    (n,vs) observation; survey; (P)
注意深く    ちゅういぶかく    (adv) attentively; cautiously; carefully; with caution
引っ張る    ひっぱる    (v5r,vt) to pull; to draw; to pull tight; (P)
車道    しゃどう    (n) roadway; (P)
脚本    きゃくほん    (n) script; screenplay; scenario; (P)
ピエロ    ピエロ    (n) clown; (P)
越える    こえる    (v1,vi) to cross over; to cross; to pass through; (P)


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