Little Charo Episode 2

This article is part of a series on the game Little Charo for Nintendo DS. For more information please see this introductory post.

Episode Overview

In this episode, Charo is getting acquainted with his new life in New York, and he meets a new friend named Margherita who takes him grocery shopping. However, it seems like the shop owner is missing!

There are four English coins hidden in this episode, and you need to find all of them in order to unlock a bonus episode immediately after this one. They are pretty straightforward, and you will find 3 of them on a single touch-screen area.

If you have any trouble finding the English coins here or in any other Episode, the game offers hints to their locations. Simply go into the menu screen and select 英語コイン。

Menu ScreenEnglish Coin Screen

Frequently Used Vocabulary

You may want to review the following frequently occurring words prior to playing through this episode.

飼い主    かいぬし    (n) pet owner
ピーマン    ピーマン    (n) bell pepper (P)
急ぐ    いそぐ    (v5g,vi,vt) to hurry; to rush (P)
花屋    はなや    (n) florist
通り    とおり    (n-adv,n) avenue; street; way (P)
おしゃべり    おしゃべり    (adj-na,n,adj-no,vs,uk) chattering; talk; idle talk; chat; chitchat (P)
一緒に    いっしょに    (adv) together (with); at the same time (P)
チラシ    ちらし    (n,uk) flier; leaflets (P)
カゴ かご (n,uk) basket (shopping, etc.) (P)
にぎやか    にぎやか    (adj-na) bustling; busy (P)
新鮮    しんせん    (adj-na) fresh; (P)
注文    ちゅうもん    (n,vs,adj-no) order; request (P)
バラ    ばら    (n,uk) rose (P)
店員    てんいん    (n,adj-no) shop assistant; employee; clerk; salesperson (P)
ウワサ    うわさ    (n,vs,adj-no) rumor; report; hearsay; gossip (P)
最初    さいしょ    (adj-no,n-adv,n-t) beginning; outset; first; onset (P)
相手    あいて    (n) companion; partner; company; other party; opponent (sports, etc.) (P)
窓    まど    (n) window (P)
お客さん    おきゃくさん    (n) guest; visitor; customer
足下    あしもと    (n,adj-no,pn) at one’s feet; underfoot (P)


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