Little Charo Episode 1

Little Charo Episode 01

This article is part of a series on the game Little Charo for Nintendo DS. For more information please see this introductory post.

Episode Overview

This episode introduces us to Charo, and we find that he has become lost at JFK airport when he was supposed to be returning to Japan! Will he ever be able to get back to Japan and be reunited with his owner, Shota?

This first episode is quite long, and is split into two sections. You can save your progress about halfway through. You might find the Japanese slightly difficult in parts, and even more advanced learners might encounter several words that they don’t know. Just take your time and utilize the scripts. You should find that most of it isn’t too bad.

There are five English coins hidden in this episode, and you need to find all of them in order to unlock a bonus episode later on. All of them are found in the second half of the episode. You will find the first one automatically. The next two are found in the touchscreen part at the newsstand. The final two are found in the touchscreen part outside the cafe.

Video Playthrough

Please note, I do not intend to produce videos for subsequent episodes. Please obtain the game for yourself to see the rest of the story.

Frequently Used Vocabulary

You may want to review the following frequently occurring words prior to playing through this episode.

子犬    こいぬ    (n) puppy
空港    くうこう    (n) airport; (P)
飛行機    ひこうき    (n) aeroplane; airplane; aircraft; (P)
出発    しゅっぱつ    (n,vs) departure; (P)
係員    かかりいん    (n) official (e.g. customs); clerk in charge
警備員    けいびいん    (n) guard; security (officer); guardsman
荷物    にもつ    (n) luggage; baggage; (P)
駐車場    ちゅうしゃじょう    (n) parking lot; parking place; (P)
自動車    じどうしゃ    (n) automobile; (P)
運転席    うんてんせき    (n) driver’s seat (in a car)
荷台    にだい    (n) (truck) load-carrying tray; (bicycle) luggage carrier; roof rack
蛇    へび    (n) snake; serpent; (P)
小鳥    ことり    (n,chn) small bird; songbird; birdie; (P)
飛び乗る    とびのる    (v5r,vi) to jump upon (a moving object)
生垣    いけがき    (n,adj-no) hedge
誰    だれ    (pn,adj-no) who; (P)
やって来る    やってくる    (exp,vk) to come along; to come around; to turn up; (P)
逸れる    はぐれる    (v1,vi) to stray (turn) from subject; to get lost; to go astray; (P)
中庭    なかにわ    (n) courtyard; quadrangle; middle court; (P)
くわえる    くわえる    (v1,vt,uk) to hold in one’s mouth
大通り    おおどおり    (n) main street; (P)
街    がい    (n-suf,pref) .. street; .. quarter; .. district; (P)
スキ間    すきま    (n) crevice; crack; gap; opening; (P)
つかまる    つかまる    (v5r,vi,uk) to be caught; to be arrested; (P)
渋滞    じゅうたい    (n,vs) congestion (e.g. traffic); delay; stagnation; (P)
囲む    かこむ    (v5m,vt) to surround; to encircle; (P)
忘れる    わすれる    (v1,vt) to forget; to leave carelessly; to be forgetful of; to forget about; to forget (an article); (P)
閉店    へいてん    (n,vs) closing shop; (P)
ゴミ箱    ごみばこ    (n) garbage can; garbage box; rubbish bin; trash can; dust bin; dustbin
探す    さがす    (v5s,vt) to search (for something lost); to search (for something desired, needed); to look for; (P)
隠れる    かくれる    (v1,vi) to hide; to be hidden; to conceal oneself; to disappear; (P)
しゃべる    しゃべる    (v5r,vi,uk) to talk; to chat; to chatter; (P)
逃げる    にげる    (v1,vi) to escape; to run away; (P)


Click here to go directly to the master spreadsheet, which will allow you to save the contents to your PC.

Or click here to access an HTML version of the script that is compatible with Rikai-chan.

If you have any questions regarding the Japanese used in this episode, please post in the comments!


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    1. The link above which goes to the full spreadsheet will eventually contain every chapter all in the same spreadsheet. I will just be posting 1 chapter a week though, because the raw data requires some processing and editing before it is really usable.

      1. That makes sense! And just to let you know, I’ve been having an issue with your JapanesePodRenamer. D:
        It errors on an mp3 file, saying it can’t find it. The details just show that it can’t find the file, so I’m assuming it’s already deleted it (I have a copy of the folder, so I was able to check and see the file was originally there) I’ve tried several times but same thing each time.

        1. Hmmm, that sounds unusual, not sure what’s going on. On the Japanesepod site, make sure you got the 2nd xml file they list, not the one for iTunes. I’m not sure if that could cause it.

          If that’s not it, maybe try posting some screenshots of the errors. It would be better if you post that in the comments for that post though.

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