Little Charo Bonus Episode 9

This article is part of a series on the game Little Charo for Nintendo DS. For more information please see this introductory post.

Episode Overview

Here we have another bonus story about Sirius. This time, we get to see what happened after he was sent back for retraining.


For this episode to be unlocked, you have to have cleared episode 23, obtained 3700 points, have found all of the English coins in episode 23, and answered 16 of the strange dog’s questions.

Frequently Used Vocabulary

Here are some words which occur more than once:

訓練    くんれん    (n,vs) practice; training; (P)
甘える    あまえる    (v1,vi) to behave like a spoiled child; to fawn on; to take advantage of; to depend on; (P)
現場    げんば    (n) actual spot; scene; scene of the crime; site; location; (P)
警察官    けいさつかん    (n) police officer
成績    せいせき    (n) results; record; grades; marks; (P)
再    さい    (pref) re-; again; (P)


Click here to go directly to the master spreadsheet, which will allow you to save the contents to your PC.

Or click here to access an HTML version of the script that is compatible with Rikai-chan.

If you have any questions regarding the Japanese used in this episode, please post in the comments!

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