Download Japanese subtitles as TEXT from Netflix using a Kodi plugin

Updated 1/7/19: I no longer recommend using the method below, and I may not provide any further updates. I now recommend Subadub for studying Japanese from Netflix subtitles. If you want to batch-download subtitles in any language, I recommend Netflix Subtitle Downloader.

I just want the subs!

I have already downloaded Japanese subtitles from over 100 shows and movies, including many native Japanese Netflix originals, and you can grab them all here.

I want to do it myself!

This process involves installing a home theater application called Kodi, and then installing a plugin for it that will allow you to sign into Netflix and then automatically save SRT subtitles for any files videos that you try to play.

The NetflixSubs plugin and installation instructions have been moved to a GitHub page here:

Just click through to that page and scroll down for instructions on how to download and install the plugin.

Here is a video tutorial by Matt VS Japan, which shows how to install Kodi and the NetflixSubs plugin, and download subtitles. This uses an older version of the plugin, and some things have changed, but this still gives you a basic overview of how to get things set up.

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    1. And here is a modified version of the add-on to download the subtitles in WebVTT format for all the languages using Firefox, install it manually by opening Firefox and from “Tools” menu choose “Add-ons” then press on the settings icon and choose “Install Add-on From File”, choose the add-on file “netflix_1080p-1.7-fx.xpi” and press on “Open”, the steps of downloading the subtitles are much similar to the steps in google chrome.!F1NyHYiT!ubR8xtdd81pG5eeYGCjmHHnFGqagB3yzgevsNj72rek

      You can modify the file by renaming it to “” and extract it, after modifying the add-on file delete “META-INF”, and submit a new add-on to Firefox.

    2. The problem for me is that if I enable Japanese subtitles, the plugin seems to fail, and I see some error messages in the console. I don’t get the errors when I have English subtitles enabled.
      It’s probably something that could be figured out, but I am not at all familiar with Javascript, so it might take me some time (days, weeks?) to figure out what is going wrong.

      But my first thought, is perhaps it is possible to use this plugin to enable the text subtitles, and then use to download them easily?

      1. While i was searching Firefox extensions today, I found that someone already managed to make an extension for downloading the subtitles in SRT format for all the languages using Firefox , and he made a version for Google chrome too, and here are the add-ons, i tested them and they worked great, i tested them with Arabic, Japanese and Korean subtitles, just play the videos and in the upper right you will see buttons for choosing the languages and for downloading the subtitles in SRT format (the add-ons is using webvtt-lssdh-ios8).

        Google chrome version

        Firefox version

        To see the add-on files rename this file to zip and extract it.

        1. That works! Amazing!
          If he continues development on this, I will probably stop updating the kodi plugin in the future, since it might be obsolete now.

          1. Please do not stop updating the Kodi plugin, the Kodi plugin gives you much more options for modifying the add-on and you can download the subtitles for many languages at the same time with it and you can download a whole TV show season in few steps using the auto-hotkey script and i almost sure that it can be modified to download the whole season of TV series without using the auto-hotkey script, beside having more than one way for downloading the subtitles is always a good thing.

          2. Well, we’ll see. It’s possible that the browser extension may be updated with new features in the future. But I will definitely have less motivation now, as the extension basically does exactly what I wanted from the very beginning.

  1. Hi , ALAN. Seriously thank you for everything.
    is there anyway to get the japanese subtitles or other languages such as Arabic, Chinese directly from Chrome browser , in srt format ?
    Thank you again

      1. Hi Alan, i have found a way to download the subtitles in Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, from google chrome in WebVTT format, by modifying this extension:

        Unzip the file and in “get_manifest.js” replace




        save the file, open google chrome, from the menu choose “More tools”, then “Extensions”, and enable “Developer mode”, press on “load unpacked” and select the folder of the unzipped and modified “netflix-1080p-1.12”, before all of that you must make sure that Netflix is playing the subtitles in the language you need to download the subtitles for as default, for me its Arabic, go to Netflix and press on “F12” and choose “Network”, in “Filter” search for “net/?o=”, then play the movie or the TV episode (the video will not play, do not care), and under “Name” right click on the subtitle link and choose “Copy”, then “Copy link address” and download the link with “IDM”, or just open it in a new page and download it, and rename the extension of the file to “vtt”, then use “Subtitle Editor” to convert the file to SRT.

        You may try to modify the files so this method be much easier and to download the subtitles in SRT format directly.

  2. The “C:\Users\administrator\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\addon_data\\manifest.json”
    worked.but output “Subtitle_urls is empty”! I don’t know which part didn’t work.

    1. What operating system? Did you go in the settings and specify a folder to download to? Did you specify a language code in the settings? If you set a language code, try removing it.

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