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Some time ago, The Japan Foundation created a website to help Japanese students learn the type of Japanese that is often heard in anime and manga. While it’s got some decent content, I’ve rarely ever heard anyone mention the site. That’s probably because they stuck all of the content into a crappy flash application. You can’t view it on mobile, you can’t copy and paste text, you can’t resize it, you can’t do ANYTHING useful.

So, I dumped some of their content into Anki decks so that it would be possible to actually learn something from it. I have made a deck containing phrases, and a deck with grammar points. This is only a portion of the total content from the site, but I felt that these parts would probably be the most useful and work the best in a flashcard format.

The grammar deck in particular is a bit dense with all of the information available, but I thought it best to put too much info rather than too little. You can of course customize which fields appear on your cards, since Anki gives you complete flexibility to display the cards as you like.

One cool aspect about the site was that it has 8 different Japanese character archetypes who all speak differently. I have kept this aspect in the flashcards by indicating which character the card is for. There is also full audio, so you can hear the personal spin that each character puts on the phrases.

After studying the cards, there is still some cool stuff to go back on the website to do. For instance, they have several manga stories that you can read, which utilize all of the phrases and grammar.

Content difficulty is probably Upper Beginner – Intermediate. You should probably have at least a good command of JLPT N5 grammar before tackling these.

Grammar Deck

Phrase Deck (updated 5/3/17 to fix image links)

6 thoughts to “ Anki Decks”

  1. Would you consider uploading these decks to memrise at a later time? They look awesome but I personally prefer using memrise to Anki

    1. Sorry, I don’t use memrise, and I have heard that it can be quite a hassle to create decks on there, so I don’t have any interest in doing it. You or anyone else can feel free to take the decks and do so, though.

  2. school, samurai, love, ninja

  3. Awesome decks. You’ve saved me some work time. Thank you!
    The manga and quizzes are great even if they make someone stay on the site and practice there.

    Talking about JF = Japan Foundation is citing seven JF sites in the “JF J-Learning Sites & Apps” section on the main page. That makes 7+1=8, because Minato is also a Japan Foundation Japanese-Learning site.

  4. Hi man, I’m happy to see that you are writing again! Your posted about japanese pod was great.

    So I have created a chrome extension that create anki format cards of the searched words from example sentence at

    It’s not perfect yet, but thought that might be interest you 🙂

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