Subadub – A great new browser extension for Netflix subtitles

I recently became aware of a brand new extension for both Chrome and Firefox called Subadub, which enhances subtitles in Netflix to make language study easier.

This extension will add some additional on-screen options when you are watching Netflix through your web browser. It will display subtitles as an additional text-based overlay on top of the video, allowing you to copy and paste text as you like, or even use Japanese reading-assistance addons like Rikaikun or Yomichan with it. In addition, you can download the subtitles in SRT format.

Anyone who has been following this blog for a while may know that I have had an obsession with Netflix subtitles for a few years now, and have worked to find better and easier ways of using the subtitles for language learning purposes. I am overjoyed to finally see a plugin like this, because it is basically what I have wanted from the very beginning, and is far better than the other methods that I have been using.

Please check it out!

Chrome version
Firefox version